Building critical media literacy in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

An UNDEF project in Kenya works to address the potential impact of the internet, social media and digital technologies, both positive and negative, on electoral integrity and confidence in the electoral process in Kenya in the run-up to the August 2022 elections. The project convenes and facilitates processes of inclusive political and technical dialogue with the election management body, political parties, technology companies, and civil society, so to work for conditions of trust. These are combined with advocacy to promote awareness among stakeholders, citizens, and voters of digital threats and opportunities. The project is implemented by the Kofi Annan Foundation, working closely with the Nairobi-based Centre for Multi-party Democracy and Baraza Media Lab.

UNDEF Project Officer Hannah McGlue visited the project in Nairobi in April 2022.

Hannah McGlue also monitored a media and digital literacy training for journalists and content creators held under an UNDEF project in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, working for media literacy in evidence-based decision-making.  Implemented by Africa Check, the project works to strengthen the public’s capacity to fact-check and engage with information critically, through strategic media partnerships and social media. She also met with two completed projects -- one to enhance civic space at the community level led by InformAction, and a community policing effort implemented by The Institute for Social Accountability.