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2012 - International Year of
Sustainable Energy for All


Contact the National Coordinating committee

According with the GA resolution that designates 2012 as the international year of sustainable energy for all, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has agreed to support the formation of national committees/country focal points to drive concrete action on the campaign goals at the national level through a range of collaborative programmatic and policy initiatives.

Join Energy Access Practitioner Network:

As part of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, the United Nations Foundation has launched a new global Energy Access Practitioner Network. This group will bring together practitioners from the private sector and civil society working on the delivery of energy services and solutions related to electrification in a range of developing country contexts to develop a more integrated approach to energy access planning and execution in support of the Sustainable Energy for All Target to achieve universal energy access by 2030. The Network will focus on both household and community level electrification for productive purposes, incorporating specific market-based applications for health, agriculture, education, small business, communities and household solutions.

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