Volume 18, No.05 - May 2014

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Technical reports

Launch of the World Economic Situation and Prospects as of mid-2014

The World Economic Situation and Prospects as of mid-2014 will be launched on 22 May. Published by UN DESA’s Development Policy and Analysis Division, the WESP 2014 reports that the global economy is improving but remains vulnerable to new and old headwinds. Global economic growth is forecast to accelerate from a sluggish 2.1 per cent in 2013 to 3.0 per cent in 2014 and 3.3 per cent in 2015. The report warns of the risks associated with the upcoming unwinding of quantitative easing programs in major developed economies.

The WESP 2014 Mid-Year Update will include new information and forecasts for different global economic issues, as well as updates to the economic outlooks for all regions of the world.


International Migration Wallchart 2013

The International Migration Wall chart 2013 displays the latest data and information available on international migration and development, covering topics such as size of the migrant stock, refugees, net migration, remittances, and ratification status in respect of relevant United Nations instruments.



World Population Ageing 2013

The World Population Ageing 2013 report is the fourth in a series. The first report was released in 2002 in conjunction with the Second World Assembly on Ageing. The present report, which updates the 2007 and 2009 editions, provides a description of global trends in population ageing and includes new features on the socio-economic and health aspects of ageing. This report is accompanied by an interactive database on the Profiles of Ageing 2013.



Population, Development and the Environment 2013 Wallchart

The wall chart presents the latest data available on 15 demographic, socio-economic and environmental indicators at the national, regional and world levels. It also contains illustrative maps and graphs, along with brief explanatory texts of selected regional and global trends on population, development and the environment.




World Fertility Data 2012

World Fertility Data 2012 provides an up-to-date set of national data on fertility and the timing of childbearing for all countries and areas of the world. Six key indicators are covered: the annual number of births, crude birth rate, age-specific fertility rates, total fertility, mean age at childbearing and the mean number of children ever born.

Data are presented for five reference dates: 1970, 1985, 1995, 2005 and the most recent data available. Major sources of data are civil registration systems, sample surveys and censuses. Information on the definition of each indicator, data sources and criteria for data source selection, limitations and data coverage is provided in the metadata files. The data set presents data available as of January 2013.


The Trends in International Migrant Stock: The 2013 Revision – Migrants by Destination and Origin

This publication provides estimates of the international migrant stock by destination and origin for the mid-point (1 July) of each year: 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2013. The estimates are based on official statistics on the foreign-born or the foreign population, classified by country of origin. Most of the statistics utilised to estimate the international migrant stock were obtained from population censuses. Additionally, population registers and nationally representative surveys provided information on the number and composition of international migrants.


Statistical compilations


Monthly Bulletin of Statistics and MBS Online


The Monthly Bulletin of Statistics presents current economic and social statistics for more than 200 countries and territories of the world.  It contains over 50 tables of monthly and/or bimonthly, quarterly and annual data on a variety of subjects illustrating important economic trends and developments, including population, prices, employment and earnings, energy, manufacturing, transport, construction, international merchandise trade and finance.

Vol. LXVIII – No. 3, March 2014


In addition to the regular recurrent monthly tables, this issue includes quarterly tables: Earnings in non-agricultural activities, by sex; Fuel imports, developed economies: unit value and volume indices, and value; Indicators on fuel imports, developed economies; External trade conversion factors; Manufactured goods exports: unit value indices, volume indices and value; and Selected series of world statistics.


Outreach material


Sustainable Development in Action – Issue 4, Volume 2

The latest issue, published by UN DESA’s Division for Sustainable Development, highlights among others, the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals. The newsletter aims to feature the work carried out by Member States, United Nations system, Major Groups and other relevant stakeholders in implementing sustainable development and leading the way to the Future We Want.


Enable Newsletter

Prepared by the Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (SCRPD) within UN DESA’s Division for Social Policy and Development, the April issue is now available, putting the spotlight on the Status of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The newsletter features input from UN offices, agencies, funds and programmes, and civil society.


Youth Flash Newsletter

Published by UN DESA’s Division for Social Policy and Development Focal Point on Youth, the April issue is available online featuring the article “Youth Advocate for Equitable Cities” written by Francis Anyaegbu, a youth champion currently serving as Africa’s representative on the UN-HABITAT Youth Advisory Board and chair of the Youth advisory Board’s Committee on the Post-2015 development agenda. This issue also puts a spotlight on the “World Urban Forum 7” and provides updates on youth related activities, including an update from the United Nations Inter-agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD). The newsletter is prepared with input from UN offices, agencies, and from youth organizations around the world.


Discussion papers


Monthly Briefing on the World Economic Situation and Prospects No. 65

Published by UN DESA’s Development Policy and Analysis Division, the April issue is available online, highlighting among other things that global employment remains a challenge, that the United States Federal Reserve faces challenges in adjusting its monetary policy and that financial markets in emerging economies attempted to stabilise.