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The Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination provides substantive support and promotes consensus in the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the General Assembly.

A main responsibility of the Office is to support ECOSOC's Annual Ministerial Review and Development Cooperation Forum to ensure a comprehensive, qualitative review of progress in implementing the MDGs. Global preparatory meetings, regional consultations and national reviews are essential elements to this process to ensure a substantive ministerial-level review and a quality, action-oriented dialogue on development cooperation issues. More…


World leaders inaugurate new UN forum to boost sustainable development efforts

24 September 2013 – World leaders at the United Nations today inaugurated a High-level Political Forum that aims to inject new energy into the global effort to boost development for all the world’s peoples in a manner that is sustainable for future generations.


After 20 years, UN commission on sustainable development holds final session

20 September 2013 – Marking an important milestone, the United Nations commission on sustainable use of the world’s resources today concluded two decades of work, paving the way for the incoming High-level Political Forum to boost efforts to tackle global economic, social and environmental challenges.