Volume 18, No.05 - May 2014

Capacity development

Assessing strategies for data dissemination

data_dissemination.jpUnited Nations Regional Workshop on Data Dissemination and Communication will take place in Niamey, Niger, on 13-15 May.

The event is part of a global series of workshops on data dissemination and communication, with the purpose of providing a forum for sharing national practices and experiences in the dissemination of statistical data and metadata. The workshop will review emerging trends, innovative approaches and technological tools employed in the dissemination of data.

The event is expected to provide a basis for assessing existing national dissemination strategies as well as technologies used by National Statistical Offices. It will also aid in taking stock of national capacities and challenges for meeting the increasing requirements of users. Furthermore, the workshop is expected to help in identifying good practices and lessons learned in the dissemination and communication of data. The ideas generated by the discussions and the recommendations made by participants during all workshops will contribute towards the drafting of a technical report and/or the creation of a knowledge base on the website of UN DESA’s Statistics Division, dedicated to the topic of effective dissemination of data.

For more information: Calendar of Events of UN DESA’s Statistics Division


Improving vital statistics


Regional Workshop on Production and Use of Vital Statistics: Applying Tools and Materials Available to Improve Vital Statistics, will take place in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, on 26-30 May.

UN DESA’s Statistics Division, in collaboration with the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), a regional institution of the UNESCAP, and Statistics Korea, the national statistical authority of the Republic of Korea is organizing the Third Regional Workshop on Production and Use of Vital Statistics: Applying Tools and Materials Available to Improve Vital Statistics.

The regional workshop will be conducted to strengthen technical capacity to contribute to the efforts in improving civil registration and vital statistics systems. The goal is to increase the knowledge of government statisticians and civil registration officials about the revised international principles and recommendations for compiling, processing and disseminating vital statistics; and improve their capability in identifying gaps and challenges in applying international standards to improve their vital statistics system. The participants of the workshop consist of one statistician and one civil registrar from 14 Asian countries.

For more information: Calendar of Events of UN DESA’s Statistics Division