Investing ahead — for people and the planet


The international community has the means to improve the lives of people everywhere. But we need to make sure that the right financing gets to where it is needed. The Third International Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa aims to accomplish just that and it offers a chance to secure financing for sustainable development. Preparations are now entering a critical phase to ensure a successful outcome of the event benefitting both people and the planet. Read more

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Creating a successful interaction between social and gender development

20 years ago, the United Nations implemented two cardinal declarations: the Copenhagen Declaration focusing on social development for all and the Beijing Declaration aiming for equal participation of women in all dimensions of human development. Moving into a new era of development, with the post-2015 agenda ahead, an evaluation of previous commitments and accomplishments is crucial to the success of future implementation. Read more

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Senior UN officials stress need for employment, decent work to achieve sustainable development

Top United Nations officials today underlined the importance for States to create employment opportunities and decent work for all in order to achieve poverty eradication and sustainable development, and to fulfil the objectives of the new UN development agenda. Read more

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Wanted: 600 million jobs

Most people joining the global workforce today will only have a few years of school with limited skills to make a living. Most will toil from dawn to dusk in harsh conditions, usually in agriculture or demanding physical labour, earning less than $1.25 per day. Some of the lucky ones with university degrees will take a job that undervalues them. This is a reality that ECOSOC and the ILO wish to change. Read more

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Financing for development: Regional dimension critical on way to Addis Ababa and beyond


2015 is a landmark year, providing a historical opportunity to chart a new era of sustainable development. Mobilizing the required financing will be key to ensure that change actually happens. Financing needs are huge. Investment requirements in infrastructure only are estimated at $5-7 trillion annually. Read more

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