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Guidelines to complete applications/contracts to export goods to Iraq under the United Nations "oil-for-food" programme

Confidentiality of Information Notice

The Office of the Iraq Programme recognizes that technical information provided with applications for the export of goods to Iraq may contain proprietary information and may be commercially sensitive. Every effort is made to ensure that such information is viewed only by the parties and individuals specifically authorized to do so under relevant Security Council resolutions and procedures of the United Nations governing the operation of the oil-for-food programme and solely for the purpose of processing of applications.

If such information needs to be transmitted through electronic media, secure means are used wherever possible. Distribution and transmission of such information is always done with the following note:

NOTE: The information in this message is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the addressees. Access to this message by anyone else is unauthorized. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on it, is prohibited and may be unlawful.

Exporting goods to Iraq involves either the "oil-for-food" programme, authorized by the United Nations Security Council resolution 986 (1995), in which payment comes from the United Nations Iraq Account, or falls under the provisions of Security Council resolution 661 (1990), which comprises donations and contracts with arrangements involving other forms of payment.

The "oil-for-food" programme is by far the largest. In accordance with Security Council resolution 1454 (2002), applications submitted under the "oil-for-food" programme are reviewed and evaluated by the Office of the Iraq Programme (OIP), the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). UNMOVIC and IAEA will review applications for the presence of items contained in the Goods Review List (GRL) (S/2002/515). If an application is found to contain GRL item(s), such items will be subject to circulation to the Security Council sanctions committee, also known as 661 Committee, for a decision as to whether or not the items may be sold or supplied to Iraq. However, no GRL item will be forwarded to the 661 Committee until the reconsideration procedure, as mandated by paragraph 9 of the procedures attached to resolution 1454 (2002), has been completed.

Applications under resolution 986 ("oil-for-food") must be submitted to the Office of the Iraq Programme (OIP) by filling an application form in hard copy, with the goods to be shipped listed on the spreadsheet (Excel) attached to the application form, on diskette.

Applications to ship goods pursuant to other arrangements (under resolution 661) should be submitted in manual (hard copy) format.

For detailed guidelines regarding applications to export goods to Iraq, please select one of the following options:

Guidelines concerning applications to export goods to Iraq under the 986 "oil-for-food" programme, where payment is requested from the United Nations Iraq Account ("986 applications").

Guidelines concerning applications to export goods to Iraq involving payment arrangements outside the "oil-for-food" programme ("traditional 661 applications").

Please note that OIP is unable to respond to inquiries from companies or their representatives, who should direct all inquiries or requests for further information to their Permanent Mission.