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Reasons why an application may not be registered (no comm. number assigned) and returned to the submitting Mission

Listed below are the reasons why an application may be considered incomplete and returned by the Secretariat to the submitting Mission for completion, before a Comm. number has been assigned to the application.

  1. Redundant version of the application form submitted - New application form/Excel spreadsheet attachment is compulsory after 30 June 2002
  2. Application form not submitted with an electronic version (diskette) of the Excel form attachment
  3. Submission in a language other than French or English
  4. Illegible information - please take particular care with applications containing material sent by fax
  5. Documents submitted are not in a uniform size (A4 or letter size) for scanning (binders, catalogues and any other document printed on both sides are not acceptable)
  6. Missing pages
  7. Missing contract (purchase order) signed and dated by both parties. In the case of pharmaceuticals missing confirmation of purchase order.
  8. Contract number (SOMO reference number for oil spare parts) is missing.
  9. Resolution number on application form differs from resolution number in the contract
  10. Values quoted on the application form or the Excel attachment are in a currency other than that stated in the contract
  11. Excel form attachment mathematically inaccurate - The total value of line items differs from the total value of the contract
  12. Box 1 of the application form: submitting Mission omitted
  13. Box 2 of the application form: certifying seal and/or signature omitted
  14. Box 3 of the application form: date of submission omitted or wrong date entered
  15. Box 4 of the application form: unique mission reference number omitted
  16. Box 5 of the application form: generic description of goods omitted
  17. Box 6 of the application form: number of line items as listed on the Excel form attachment omitted or differs from the actual number of line items in the Excel from attachment
  18. Box 7 of the application form: total value omitted or different from that stated in the contract
  19. Box 8 of the application form: currency (ISO) code omitted
  20. Box 9 of the application form: exporting company address omitted or incomplete
  21. Box 11 of the application form: receiving company address omitted or incomplete
  22. Box 12 of the application form: valid port of entry required - (only one port of entry should be selected i.e. Al-Walid, Trebil, Umm Qasr or Zakho)
  23. Box 13 of the application form: end user address incomplete, if different from the receiving company
  24. Box 14 of the application form: end-use information omitted
  25. Box 15 of the application form: method of payment omitted
  26. Box 18 of the application form: detailed list of goods not provided, where applicable
  27. Box 19 of the application form: technical specification sheets not provided, where applicable
  28. Column 2 of the Excel form attachment: sector item code(s) omitted

These reasons for rejecting an application are not exhaustive and are subject to review as appropriate. Further information on how to minimize delays in contract processing can be found in the section entitled MINIMIZING DELAYS.