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Guidelines concerning applications to export goods to Iraq under resolution 986 "oil-for-food" programme

The following guidelines refer to applications submitted to export goods to Iraq for payment from the United Nations Iraq Account, authorised by Security Council resolution 986 (1995), also known as the "oil-for-food" programme.


These guidelines refer to the submission of the application form, in hard copy, and the spreadsheet attachment (Excel), on diskette.


Please note that the Office of the Iraq Programme (OIP) is unable to respond to inquiries from companies or their representatives,  who should direct all inquiries or requests for further information to their Permanent Mission.


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The following guidelines have been updated by the Office of the Iraq Programme in accordance with Security Council resolution 1454 (2002)


Please download the application form (Microsoft Word) and the attachment (Excel).


General requirements concerning the completion of applications


How to complete the application form


How to complete the spreadsheet (Excel) attached to the application form


Reasons why an application may not be registered and returned to the submitting Mission



NOTE: Following these points of guidance will facilitate registration of applications and issuance of Comm. number and may assist the Office of Iraq Programme in accelerating the processing of applications, and will facilitate rapid clearance of legitimate consignments. Please note that illegible and incomplete applications will be considered ineligible and will be returned to the submitting Mission/Organization without registration.

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For further information please contact Mr. Ian Steele in the Office of the Iraq Programme. email: steelei@un.org