UN Headquarters

12 July 2016

Remarks at launch of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

Ban Ki-moon

Thank you to our moderator, Ms. Natalia Brzezinski.

I am proud to be here to launch the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children.

Your Excellency Baroness Shields, Minister for Internet Safety and Security of the United Kingdom, Excellencies, Child representatives Ms. Diana Melissa Cordero Mezquita and Mr. Gregorio Ramon Ayala Aquino, Ladies and gentlemen,

Today is a milestone in the fight to end violence against children.

I thank the Governments of Indonesia, Mexico, Tanzania and Sweden for their leadership in creating this new Global Partnership.

I am especially grateful to the United Kingdom for committing to establish a Trust Fund for this cause.

Most of all, I thank our two child representatives: Diana Melissa and Gregorio Ramon.

Muchas gracias a ustedes dos por su valioso liderazgo en la lucha por los derechos del niño.[ “Thank you very much for your valuable leadership in the fight for children’s rights.”]

I wanted to bring these two child representatives to the centre of the podium for a reason: to show that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is for Diana and Ramon, and all children of the world.

No one can ignore their rights.

Now, I sit with them – and every day I stand for ending violence against children.

I have met child victims and activists from many different countries.

Recently, at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, I spoke with a remarkable young woman named Nadia Murad.

Like thousands of other Yazidi girls from her community in Iraq, she was victimized by Da’esh terrorists.

She survived horrific crimes. I cried when I heard her story. But I didn’t only cry out of sadness. I was also moved to tears because Nadia has so much strength, courage and dignity.

She rightly calls for a world where all children live in peace.

This Global Partnership can help answer that call.

We are here to stop bullying, exploitation and all other attacks. We are here to end these threats everywhere – in homes, schools, streets and online.

The Global Partnership to End Violence against Children is mobilizing the world. There could be no more meaningful way to help realize the vision of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This Partnership was born from UNICEF’s End Violence against Children campaign.

I personally signed up when I visited Barbados one year ago.

We stamped the hashtag ENDviolence across my palm to show that ending violence is in our hands. Today I will stamp my hand again. I hope all of you join me.

Ending violence is in the hands of parents, teachers, government officials and religious leaders.

Ending violence is in the hands of businesses and civil society activists.

And ending violence is in the hands of children. They know what is right – and they deserve to be heard.

In a few minutes, we will show a short video featuring young champions of justice.

One of them is named Abraham Keita. He won the Children’s Peace Prize last year.

At that time, the United Nations congratulated him through my Youth Envoy, Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi.

Abraham first started protesting violence against children when he was just nine years old. Now he is organizing Liberians for children’s rights – and inspiring people across the globe.

Abraham once said he is fighting for a world where every child gets justice; every child is free from violence; and every child is empowered.

I share this vision. And I have high expectations for ending violence against children through this new, action-oriented Global Partnership.

Let us work together to create peace and safety for all the world’s children for generations to come.

Thank you for your leadership and your commitment.