U.N. Secretariat

08 July 2019, UN Headquarters

Remarks to the Economic and Social Council Integration Segment on the Annual Overview Report of the UN Chief Executives Board

I am very grateful for the opportunity, as Chairman of the Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB), to introduce the CEB Annual Overview Report and to update you on recent inter-agency cooperation. 

12 July 2019, Beira

Opening remarks at press stakeout in Beira

As I had the chance to say to the President of the Republic yesterday, this is mostly a visit of solidarity with the Mozambican people. People who were victims of unprecedented devastation in history, with a terrible impact and physical destruction, and another impact on the human suffering of Mozambicans.

16 July 2019, General Assembly

Remarks to opening of High-Level Political Forum Ministerial Segment

Over the past four years, this High-Level Political Forum has kept the spotlight firmly on the Sustainable Development Goals.
And over the coming days, you will again dive into the details of our collective efforts to take forward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
This year, nearly fifty countries will present voluntary national reviews.
You are also analyzing progress on six individual Sustainable Development Goals and perspectives from countries in special situations.

16 July 2019, General Assembly

Remarks to General Assembly plenary meeting marking the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development

It is a pleasure to be here with you to mark the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development
Many of the policies set out in the Cairo Programme of Action, from tackling inequality and environmental degradation, to promoting gender equality and access to sexual and reproductive health, remain fundamental to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, agreed two decades later. This is a testament to the enduring legacy of Cairo.

28 June 2019, Osaka

Opening remarks at press conference at the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan

Good morning, this G20 meeting takes place in a moment of high tension, high political tension. We have global warming, but we have also global political warming, and this can be seen in relation to trade and technology conflicts, it can be seen in relation to situations in several parts of the world, namely the Gulf.

25 June 2019, UN Headquarters

Remarks at the Launch of the Group of Friends of Victims of Terrorism

I am pleased to join your launch of the Group of Friends of Victims of Terrorism.
I thank the Permanent Representatives of Afghanistan and Spain for their leadership and vision in establishing this group.
I am also pleased to see so many Member States here today from around the world.
Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations remains a global and transnational challenge.
Recent terrorist attacks in Kenya, Mali, New Zealand, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and elsewhere have claimed thousands of innocent lives.

26 June 2019, General Assembly

Remarks at informal meeting of the General Assembly on "Combatting Anti-semitism and Other Forms of Racism and Hate - The Challenges of Teaching Tolerance and Respect in the Digital Age"

I thank all involved for bringing us together to tackle the tsunami of hatred that is so visible and violent across the world today.
A special welcome to Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein from the Chabad of Poway synagogue in San Diego.  Rabbi, thank you for your inspiring actions since the shooting in April that took the life of one of your congregants and injured you as well.
Recently I viewed an exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Heritage here in New York that is called “Auschwitz.  Not long ago.  Not far away”.
It is an apt title.

25 June 2019, UN Headquarters

Remarks to UNRWA Pledging Conference

I am pleased to join you again for this year’s pledging conference for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. 
When we gathered last year at this meeting, we feared the worst – UNRWA schools not opening, food for refugees running out, clinics closing. 
Fortunately, that did not happen because in 2018 many of you stepped up to assert that Palestine refugees deserved the assistance, dignity and hope that UNRWA provides. 

21 June 2019, Geneva

Remarks to the International Labour Conference [as delivered, multilingual] [Scroll down for all-English version]

You come together at this Centenary International Labour Conference during a time of profound turbulence and tests.

Globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are delivering immense opportunities and daunting challenges.
Tremendous economic gains at the global level have not been shared equally among or within countries. 

Those on the margins of our societies are paying the highest price. 

So is our planet.  

More than ever, we need global responses to global challenges.  

Yet, more than ever, multilateralism is under fire. 

18 June 2019, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks at press encounter at launch of United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech

Secretary-General António Guterres briefs the press following the launch of the United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech.

Good afternoon.
Hate speech is a direct assault on our core values of tolerance, inclusion and respect for human rights and human dignity. It sets groups against each other, contributes to violence and conflict, and undermines all our efforts for peace, stability and sustainable development. As such, addressing it is a priority for the entire United Nations system.