U.N. Secretariat

18 June 2021, UN Headquarters

Remarks to Joint Thematic Event of the General Assembly and ECOSOC on Least Developed Countries: Diversifying the Financing Toolbox to Enhance Investment in Least Developed Countries


Today’s event addresses one of the most important issues facing the Least Developed Countries, at a critical time.

As the pandemic continues to rage in many developing countries, and more deadly and contagious variants of the virus continue to emerge, the impact on the economies of the LDCs has been devastating.

The effects of COVID-19 are expected to lead to a significant decline in government and export revenues in most LDCs, both in absolute terms and as a share of Gross Domestic Product.

18 June 2021, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks at press encounter on the Appointment of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to a Second Term of Office

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, Thank you very much for your presence. 

It is an enormous pleasure to be with all of you today.   

I am humbled but also energized by today’s decision of the General Assembly.   

I take on the responsibility of serving a second term as Secretary-General with profound gratitude and a deep commitment to work together to advance the UN Charter at a time of great peril and promise. 

We are at a crossroads, with consequential choices before us.  

It can go either way: breakdown or breakthrough.   

18 June 2021, General Assembly

Secretary-General's Oath of Office

António Guterres addresses the General Assembly after his appointment for a second five-year term as Secretary-General of the United Nations. UN Photo/Evan Schneider

[Trilingual, as delivered]

Mr President of the General Assembly, Senhor Presidente da República Portuguesa, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

This is a solemn moment. I find myself experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts.

I am deeply honoured and grateful for the trust you have placed in me to serve as the Secretary-General of the United Nations for a second term.

Serving the United Nations is an immense privilege and a most noble duty.

15 June 2021, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks to UN Global Compact Leaders Summit

Dear friends,
I am pleased to greet the 2021 United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit.
This is a unique opportunity for business leaders and their partners in government, civil society and here at the United Nations to engage in a crucial global conversation at a crucial time.
The impressive agenda focuses on how all of us can work together to build more inclusive economies and societies.

09 June 2021, UN Headquarters

Remarks to Meeting of Group of Friends of Human Security

I am pleased to be with you to relaunch the Group of Friends of Human Security.

In our collective endeavour to tackle COVID-19 and chart a post-pandemic future that will ensure greater equity, opportunity and dignity for all, I believe the concept of human security is an essential framework.

This Group of Friends can be an important platform for advancing the application of human security in the work of the United Nations.

We face complex and major challenges

07 June 2021, General Assembly

Remarks on the election of the President of the 76th Session of the General Assembly

It is a pleasure to be here with all of you to witness the election of the President of the 76th Session of the General Assembly.

First and foremost, I offer my sincere congratulations to Mr. Abdulla Shahid of the Maldives on his election. I look forward to working with you.

And I will take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to His Excellency Mr. Volkan Bozkir for his exceptional leadership as President of the General Assembly during this 75th anniversary session.

07 June 2021, UN Headquarters

Briefing to Member States on the Resident Coordinator System Review Report

Over the past four years, we have worked together to reposition sustainable development at the heart of the United Nations.

We have made concrete, far-reaching and lasting changes, not least the establishment of a reinvigorated Resident Coordinator System.

Today, in line with General Assembly resolution 72/279, I will present the findings of my review of that system, including its funding arrangements.

In short, we have made enormous progress.

Resident Coordinators and their teams are delivering improved leadership, coordination and convening.

08 June 2021, UN Headquarters

Closing remarks to Insurance Development Forum

I am pleased to close this year’s Insurance Development Forum, which provides industry and development actors a platform to promote the transformation we need for a sustainable future for all on a healthy planet.

We are in a race against time to adapt to a rapidly changing climate.

Today, we are at 1.2 degrees of warming and already witnessing unprecedented climate extremes and volatility on every continent.

We face three imperatives in addressing the climate crisis:

First, we need to achieve global carbon neutrality within the next three decades.

27 May 2021, UN Headquarters

Remarks to IKEA Foundation/Purpose/DGC Event: Convening Business Leaders for Vaccine Equity 

Thank you, Per [Heggenes]. Thank you very much.

I want to pay tribute to what has been a fantastic partnership we have had now for many years.

Thanks to you, many people saw their lives saved. Many people that were in dramatic circumstances got a solution for their plight. And we could alleviate suffering in dramatic circumstances for hundreds and thousands – I’d say thousands and thousands of people in some of the most dangerous and difficult locations in the world.

26 May 2021, UN Headquarters

António Guterres remarks to the Africa Dialogue Series

I am pleased to join you for this dialogue on Africa’s future.

I welcome your focus on cultural identity.

This builds on the African Union’s theme for this year, highlighting the importance of arts, culture and heritage in building the Africa we want.

Culture is the flower of the human being – the fruit of our minds, the product of our traditions, the expression of our yearnings.

Its diversity is wondrous, part of the rich tapestry of civilization.