Peace and Security

21 January 2020, UN Headquarters

Opening remarks to the press following Security Council Consultations on Libya

I just briefed the Security Council in relation to the Berlin Conference on Libya. I think it's very important to recognize that this is a major step.

19 January 2020, Berlin

Remarks at International Conference on Libya

Chancellor Merkel,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are here for an urgent and pressing reason: to stop Libya’s downward spiral.

I thank Chancellor Merkel for bringing us together to support efforts to end the conflict in Libya.

I am grateful to the Federal Republic of Germany for this important initiative – and I welcome the presence today of such a large number of distinguished Heads of State and Government. 

19 January 2020, Berlin

Remarks at joint press encounter with German Chancellor Angela Merkel following Libya Conference

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Chancellor Merkel and the German Government for convening this conference.

Dear Chancellor, your consistent, continuous and I would say enthusiastic commitment to support all the efforts to bring peace and stability to Libya are absolutely remarkable and as Secretary-General of the United Nations I want to express my very deep appreciation and gratitude.

06 January 2020, UN Headquarters

Statement to the press

The New Year has begun with our world in turmoil.

We are living in dangerous times. 

Geopolitical tensions are at their highest level this century.

And this turbulence is escalating.

Even nuclear non-proliferation can no longer be taken for granted. 

This cauldron of tensions is leading more and more countries to take unpredicted decisions with unpredictable consequences and a profound risk of miscalculation. 

At the same time, we see trade and technological conflicts that fracture world markets, undermine growth and widen inequalities. 

09 January 2020, Security Council

Remarks at the Security Council open debate on Upholding the United Nations Charter to Maintain International Peace and Security

I thank the Vietnamese Presidency of the Council for organizing this timely debate and I congratulate Viet Nam for the Presidency of the Security Council at the beginning of your tenure in the Security Council itself. 
I also welcome the presence of the Chair of the Elders, Mary Robinson.
And I am pleased that we begin the year of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations with a discussion on its founding document.

18 December 2019, Rome

Remarks on Multilateral Solutions to Global Challenges at the Italian Senate

E’ un grande onore per me essere qui, a Palazzo Madama, per rivolgermi a voi e, tramite voi, a tutto il popolo italiano, per la mia ultima visita di quest’anno.

L'Italia è un partner fondamentale delle Nazioni Unite; il vostro paese dà un importante contributo alle operazioni di pace dell’ONU ed ospita alcune delle sue istituzioni.

06 December 2019, UN Headquarters

Remarks at High-level meeting on Peacekeeping Performance

I thank the United States and our co-hosts, India, Portugal, Senegal, Uruguay and Vietnam, for convening this event, and for their support to United Nations peacekeeping operations.
Our peacekeepers represent the last, best hope for millions of people around the world. Some of them operate in highly dangerous environments, just short of full-blown conflict. We can never forget their service and sacrifice.

22 November 2019, UN Headquarters

Remarks at the Meeting of the Peacebuilding Commission on the 2020 Review

I thank the Chair of the Peacebuilding Commission for convening this meeting, open to all Member States, to launch the 2020 review of the peacebuilding architecture.
We are joined by the Vice President of the General Assembly and the President of the Security Council, a clear indication of strong inter-governmental commitment to this endeavour.

19 November 2019, Security Council

Remarks to the Security Council on the Role of Reconciliation Processes

I thank the UK Presidency for convening this debate as reconciliation processes supported by the international community can have a critical impact on the lives of the people we serve. 
Successful reconciliation contributes to preventing a recurrence of conflict and building more peaceful, resilient and prosperous societies, particularly in the aftermath of large-scale violence and human rights violations.

11 November 2019, Paris

Remarks at the Paris Peace Forum

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