FAQ - Exhibitors


Interested in organizing an exhibit at United Nations Headquarters in New York? Please read all the information below prior to submitting a proposal. 



What kinds of exhibits are displayed at UN Headquarters in New York?


Exhibitions open to the public showcase important topics that the UN works on, such as human rightssustainable development, the environmentwomen and girls, and more. They feature photographic and multimedia displays that illustrate these topics through images, facts and data. 



How long are the exhibits on display?


Exhibits are on display for about 6 to 8 weeks.  



Where are the exhibits displayed?


There are three galleries available in the UN Visitors’ Lobby for exhibits open to the public, ranging in size from 110 linear feet (34 m) to 1400 square feet (130 m2). Space is reserved after a full proposal in line with the Exhibits Committee Guidelines has been submitted and approved. 




What does the exhibit space look like?


A 360-degree view of the gallery space can be seen in this video.



Who can organize an exhibit?


Anyone can submit an exhibit proposal. However, proposals submitted by non-UN entities must be accompanied by a letter from a UN department/office, fund or programme, organization of the United Nations system or a Permanent or Observer Mission formally endorsing the exhibit and its content. All exhibits, regardless of the supporting entity, must be reviewed by the relevant UN office specialized in the topic.



What content should the exhibit include?


All exhibits should:

  • illustrate a theme(s) on the UN agenda
  • feature work from more than one artist/photographer
  • include content about more than one country
  • include substantive information and data on the topic



Who pays for the exhibit?


There is no rental fee to use the gallery space. Exhibitors are responsible for all other related costs, including production, installation, promotion, and an opening/event reception (optional). Costs vary depending on the scope of the exhibit and therefore can only be estimated after a complete proposal has been submitted and approved. 



What else do I need to know before submitting an exhibit proposal?


Proposals for exhibits at UN Headquarters in New York:

  • must be in line with the Exhibits Committee Guidelines
  • require approval by the United Nations Exhibits Committee
  • must be submitted at least six months before the proposed display dates



How do I submit an exhibit proposal?


1- Submit an Initial Inquiry Form for an assessment as to whether your proposed exhibit is in line with the guidelines.

2- Following a positive response to the initial inquiry, submit an Application Form along with the complete proposal as per the instructions in the Submission Requirements.

A portfolio template can be found here: PowerPoint Template



What happens after I submit a proposal?


1- You will receive a response within a couple of weeks.

2- Further technical and logistical details will be provided at a later stage.