United Nations Visitors' Lobby Exhibit Proposal Submission Requirements

To be reviewed by the United Nations Exhibits Committee, all proposals must be completed at least six months in advance of the display date. Please submit the complete proposal to exhibitscommittee@un.org. Any portion of the proposal greater than 10MB (such as the portfolio) should be submitted via WeTransfer (files up to 2GB).  

A complete proposal includes the following:  

1. Application Form 
Form providing an overview of the exhibit content. Please fill out the Application Form online.

2. Waivers 
Letter discharging the United Nations from all responsibility for loss or damage of the materials on display, stating that all costs related to the exhibit will be paid as requested, and indemnifying the UN for any claims that arise regarding the use of images in the exhibit. Waiver template available upon request.

3. Letter of Endorsement (only required for proposals from non-United Nations entities)
Letter provided by the relevant United Nations entity (department/office; special political or peacekeeping mission; regional commission or resident coordinator; fund, programme or specialized agency; other entity of the UN system), or a Permanent or Observer Mission, showing endorsement of the exhibit and its content.

4. UN Panel
Text panel that highlights the work of the Organization at large, addressing the exhibit theme and related issues. It includes a recent quote by the Secretary-General on the theme and three or four paragraphs of explanatory text. The text is to be drafted by the relevant UN office/programme and should be written in non-technical language that is easily understood by the general public.

5. Portfolio
A complete portfolio in electronic format (PowerPoint) including all art/photos, texts/captions, and audio/video to be displayed. The portfolio must include ONLY the content that will be displayed (no additional information, explanations, etc).

The portfolio should include: 

  • Slide 1 - Exhibit title
  • Slide 2 - Introduction to the exhibit (300 words maximum) that provides an overview of the content/structure of the exhibit and includes the name of the organizer(s).
  • Slides 3-X (as needed) - Exhibit content (images, artworks, captions, informative text, maps, data, audiovisual elements, etc) in the order to be displayed. Note that the text must be visible/readable without the need for enlarging. Slides for audio/video content should include a link, duration, and a short description. Include as many slides as needed to present the full exhibit.
  • Last slide - Exhibit credits, including a short description of each artist/entity indicated.

Please refer to the PowerPoint template provided for detailed instructions.