Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

A Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue (MSD) has been a regular part of the UN Forum on Forests sessions, to date. The dialogue provides an opportunity for dialogue between Member States of the UNFF and representatives of Major Groups on issues relevant to UNFF sessions. In order to facilitate the MSD process, Major Groups Networks have nominated Focal Points to assist in the coordination of input from each of the nine Major Groups. Contact you relevant UNFF Major Group Focal Point if you are interested in learning more about planned activities.

Customarily, several months in advance of the Forum session, Major Groups are invited by the Secretariat of the Forum to submit their input related to the topics of the current Forum session, through their Major Groups Focal Points. Major Groups can use this opportunity to present their views on the issues being discussed at the particular Forum session in these MSD Discussion Papers. You can view the discussion papers prepared for past sessions here.

Major Groups on IAF

Major Groups jointly provided their views on the achievements and weaknesses of the International Arrangement on Forests. Future of the international arrangement on forests: Discussion paper, submitted by the Major Groups.