Within the International Arrangement on Forests, Regions function as a hub to coordinate forests initiatives and exchange information.

Reporting on progress towards the implementation of the UN Strategic Plan for Forests 2030 and the UN Forest Instrument

Past Meetings

Participation of regional organizations

Globally agreed goals and targets generally cannot easily be implemented at local or country level without the conduit of regional institutions: these are a vehicle for stepwise domestication of international community desires and agreements.

Regional-led Initiatives

It was clear from the outset, for all three international forest policy processes, UNFF, IFF and IPF, that insufficient time would be available for in-depth discussions of some of the very complex and politically sensitive issues during regular sessions of each process. Therefore, initiatives by countries to organize expert meetings where particular issues could be discussed and analysed before they were scheduled for discussion in formal sessions themselves, were welcomed.

The Forum at its sixth session expanded the role of country- and organization-led initiatives in support of the UNFF. Further to this, the Forum at its seventh session recommended that the convening of country-, organization- and region-led initiatives in support of the work of the Forum, focus on topical issues of the 2007-2015 multi-year programme of work.


Guidelines for RLI, OLI and CLI types of events are available for reference

Regional reports

The Forum has solicited inputs from relevant regional and sub-regional forest related mechanisms, institutions, organizations and processes as an integral part of session deliberations.
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