UNFF Side Events

Provisional Schedule of UNFF14 Side Events (as of 03 May 2019)

Side events are an important part of the UNFF meetings. They complement the official inter-governmental sessions and provide an opportunity to share information and experiences.

Please note:

  • Translation/Interpretation: Translation/interpretation services are not provided for side events.
  • Laptops Computers: Event organizers are expected to provide their own laptop computers.
  • Grounds Passes: It is the responsibility of the organizers of side events to arrange the access/grounds passes for their panelists/participants.
  • Conditions: All side events are subject to change and/or cancellations without prior notice. Cancellations on the part of organizers must be sent to the UNFF Secretariat in writing no later than 3 days prior to the scheduled side event in order to avoid charges.