Global Objectives on Forests

Delegates of United Nations Member States decided at the sixth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests to set shared global objectives on forests and to agree to work globally and nationally to achieve progress towards their achievement.

Global Objective 1

Reverse Forest Loss: Reverse the loss of forest cover worldwide through sustainable forest management, including protection, restoration, afforestation and reforestation, and increase efforts to prevent forest degradation.

Global Objective 2

Enhance Forest-Based Benefits: Enhance forest-based economic, social and environmental benefits, including by improving the livelihoods of forest-dependent people.

Global Objective 3

Increase Sustainability Managed Forests: Increase significantly the area of protected forests worldwide and other areas of sustainably managed forests, as well as the proportion of forest products from sustainably managed forests.

Global Objective 4

Mobilize Financial Resources: Reverse the decline in official development assistance for sustainable forest management and mobilize significantly-increased new and additional financial resources from all sources for the implementation of sustainable forest management.