Viet Nam

His Excellency Nguyễn Xuân Phúc

Statement Summary

NGUYỄN XUÂN PHÚC, Prime Minister of Viet Nam, said that pride at the accomplishments of the United Nations is mixed with anxiety as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the planet.  Peace, cooperation and friendship have been thriving, while poverty is on the retreat.  These immense achievements would not have been possible without the United Nations as the centre for harmonizing the actions of nations.  The world is facing challenges such as the pandemic and climate change that are threatening the peace of nations.  The greater the challenge we face, the more we need to work together in solidarity.  The Charter of the United Nations and international law must be observed and the sovereignty of States must be respected.  Viet Nam is enjoying vibrant growth and is exerting all efforts with the goal of a prosperous people.  It has managed to contain the coronavirus and a strong rebound of its economy is expected to follow.