His Excellency Mahdi Mohamed Gulaid

Statement Summary

MAHDI MOHAMED GULAID, Acting Prime Minister of Somalia, congratulated the membership of the United Nations for its tremendous achievements.  Seventy-five years since the Charter of the United Nations was created, most nations of the world are enjoying freedom and progress.  The importance of the United Nations and its mission has been brought home with the pandemic.  No country is an island; they are all interconnected.  In Somalia, significant gains have been made regarding peace, security and sustainable development.  After three decades of conflict and instability, his country needs solidarity and support.  On the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Organization, it is a good time to renew common aspirations and forge together the future the international community wants.  Somalia remains committed to inclusive multilateralism and the years ahead hold much potential with all of humanity working together under the umbrella of the United Nations.