His Excellency Bogdan Lucian Aurescu

Statement Summary

BOGDAN LUCIAN AURESCU, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Romania, said that as the world faces a wide range of challenges, one of the main lessons learned during the past several months is the crucial need for effective and innovative multilateral cooperation and that the rules-based international order — with the United Nations at its core — must be upheld and strengthened.  On this anniversary, the spirit of unity, solidarity and cooperation remains crucial for achieving the Organization’s goals.  Innovation and reform should ensure that the United Nations system is effective, efficient and fit for purpose.  Efforts must aim to preserve and advance peace and security, promote, protect and fulfill human rights and accelerate progress in implementing the 2030 Agenda.  No efforts should be spared to recover better and greener, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.  At the same time, a universal political commitment must be made regarding digital security to ensure that universal values are maintained online as well as offline.  Recalling Romania’s experience with the Organization, he said his delegation will continue to abide by the values and principles of the Charter, with the goal of achieving the future the world wants for next generations and the rules-based international order.