His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani

Statement Summary

TAMIM BIN HAMAD AL‑THANI, Emir of Qatar, called the Declaration “a historic document reflecting the consensus of the international community to crystallize a unified stance vis‑à‑vis the common challenges and to achieve the goals of the United Nations in the fields of peace, security, development and human rights as the basic pillars on which our organization was founded.”  While the United Nations has made great strides in achieving the goals agreed upon by the international community, saving millions of people and changing their lives for the better, it is falling short in finding necessary mechanisms to impose its principles on its members, he stressed.  Among the most serious challenges is the need to collectively address the threat of epidemics.  The COVID‑19 pandemic serves to remind the international community that the “people on Earth are tantamount to one family facing a common destiny, and that cooperation and joint action are inevitable to address global challenges”, he said.

In order to realize the goals of the Charter of the United Nations, a serious evaluation of international multilateral action is needed if comprehensive reform is to be achieved, especially the issue of representation in the Security Council, as well as mechanisms of implementing its resolutions and review of internal regulations that correlate common security issues with the positions of the five major States.  Reaffirming Qatar’s support of the Organization’s objectives, he stressed the need to implement today’s Declaration by promoting multilateralism and preventive diplomacy, respecting the sovereignty of States and addressing the use of force in international relations.  He emphasized the need to find solutions to protracted crises based on international law, activate the role of women and youth in all fields, use the scientific progress in proper and legitimate manner, and to implement international declarations to achieve the Goals of the 2030 Agenda.