President of the Security Council

H.E. Ambassador Abdou Abarry

Statement Summary

ABDOU ABARRY (Niger), President of the Security Council for the month of September, said the current theme for the General Assembly debate — “The future we want, the United Nations we need:  reaffirming our commitment to multilateralism” — will allow the Organization to reaffirm its priorities in the face of mounting global challenges.  He said commemorations surrounding the seventy‑fifth anniversary of the United Nations are taking place as the world continues to reel from the horrors of the COVID‑19 pandemic.  The pandemic is exacerbating existing challenges and creating new ones, he said, pointing to the threats posed by terrorism, transnational organized crime, cybercrime and the illicit arms trade.

“Many wonder whether the international system that emerged from the San Francisco Conference is still effective,” he said.  The United Nations is the only global organization with the legitimacy, convening power and normative impact to act as the centre of discussions on international cooperation, economic and social development, and international peace and security.

He pointed to the Security Council debate on post‑COVID‑19 governance — scheduled for 24 September — as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and solidarity in accordance with Chapter I of the Charter of the United Nations.  In closing, he reiterated the Security Council’s readiness to maintain and strengthen its dynamic cooperation with the General Assembly.