His Excellency Teodoro L. Locsin Jr.

Statement Summary

TEODORO L. LOCSIN JR., Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, said the world peace for which the United Nations has strived through 75 years has been mostly a failure, yet it is still the only peace people can live with in freedom, dignity and sufficiency.  As the only world forum, the United Nations is the main and only globally credible platform.  With successes and failures, the United Nations has shown its ability to bounce back by reaffirming its continuing relevance against the backdrop of deliberately complicated global issues and threats to world peace and security.  As long as it exists, none can trumpet the end of multilateralism.  COVID-19 is a reminder of humanity’s common fate.  A case soon to be made will be for the universal availability of COVID-19 vaccines without requiring any people, class or country to submit to another’s will as the price of cure.  Withholding the vaccine — the most effective means of mass salvation — is a weapon of mass destruction, he said, adding that the United Nations remains an essential organization.