North Macedonia

His Excellency Mr. Stevo Pendarovski

Statement Summary

STEVO PENDAROVSKI, President of the Republic of North Macedonia, said that as the cornerstone of the multilateral system, the United Nations has helped colonized nations gain independence, and through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, encouraged the global movement for social justice.  “The creation of the United Nations is a monumental global achievement of humankind,” he said, yet one that is only as effective as Member States will allow it to be.  Due to known internal obstacles to its work, there are still tensions and conflicts around the world, millions of refugees and migrants, uncontrolled exploitation of world resources and new dangers joining the old ones, including transnational organized crime.  COVID-19 has made visible the shortcomings of the international order.  Since his country’s independence, it has experienced both the benefits and challenges of the United Nations.  It has contributed to peacekeeping operations, and through United Nations mediation, resolved its international dispute.  It will continue fulfil its international obligations, he said, stressing that “only by investing in the United Nations do we have chance to live a decent life and build a better world.”