His Excellency Mr. Muhammadu Buhari

Statement Summary

MUHAMMADU BUHARI, President of Nigeria, said the United Nations remains true to the aspirations of its founders.  Member States have collectively improved and saved lives, as well as defended the rights of the world’s most vulnerable peoples.  Despite past efforts, the quest to realize total decolonization remains incomplete as long as non‑self‑governing territories continue to exist.  He called on Member States to abide by relevant resolutions on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples.  He noted that Nigeria contributes human, financial and material resources to the Organization, including to peacekeeping operations.  He warned the Assembly that the COVID‑19 pandemic impedes attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals and called on Member States to adopt global approaches to address the global health crisis.  He closed by calling for Security Council reform to enshrine Africa’s long‑overdue position within the United Nations.