His Excellency Pravind Kumar Jugnauth

Statement Summary

PRAVIND KUMAR JUGNAUTH, Prime Minister of Mauritius, said that after decades of global efforts, there is cause to celebrate the fact that world wars have been averted, and millions of people, though not all, have become free of colonialism and are able to enjoy basic human rights and fundamental freedoms with access to amenities and facilities.  While the United Nations has been in the forefront in assisting those in dire need, there remains enormous challenges that continue to plague the world for many of which the system remains unprepared.  Acts by non‑State actors such as terrorism, natural phenomena including climate change and pandemics demonstrated a lack of preparedness.  The only way to address them is by working together collectively and multilaterally.  The Organization must be reinforced by bringing about necessary changes that reflect the current economic and political configuration, he said, emphasizing that:  “Reform is a process we must necessarily engage into if we want, in 25 years, to celebrate the 100th anniversary with pride and satisfaction.”  The United Nations must become an independent actor free from political influence and an effective guardian of international norms and standards, human rights and principles, he said, adding that:  “The United Nations is the only organization of its kind that we have; we owe it to future generations to make it work through our collective will.”