His Serene Highness Hereditary Prince Alois

Statement Summary

ALOIS, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein of Liechtenstein, noted that 75 years ago a great peace project came into effect when the United Nations was established with the idea that all States shall be sovereign equals.  The right to self-determination was placed at the heart of the world order.  In San Francisco, the big powers saw an inclusive rules‑based multilateralism as the most promising way towards international peace and security.  Liechtenstein joined the Organization 30 years ago, driven by its strong belief that international law protected the best interests of small States.  His Government will work with those who share its goal to realize the high ambition of the United Nations on pressing issues such as climate change, human rights, sustainable development and global public health. Liechtenstein will pursue the advancement of international law as the bedrock of stability.  As the international community faces the huge challenges of climate change and the pandemic, the United Nations continues to represent the world’s best chance in managing them.