His Excellency George Weah

Statement Summary

GEORGE WEAH, President of Liberia, recalled that his country, as a founding member of the United Nations, was one of only four African nations to sign the Charter in 1945.  Since then, Liberia has stood firmly by the Organization’s principles, he noted, adding that shifting alliances and realities have given rise to the need to reexamine and redefine the vision of the United Nations to make it more responsive to current crises.  In the Sustainable Development Goals, the international community agreed to a roadmap for its collective effort to bring peace and prosperity to all mankind.  Five years into the movement to achieve those Goals, and with 19 years left, it is evident that the international community will have to redouble efforts and accelerate actions.  The search for solutions for the COVID‑19 pandemic must take place side by side with actions that expedite the achievement of sustainable and inclusive economies, he emphasized.