His Excellency Mr. Egils Levits

Statement Summary

EGILS LEVITS, President of Latvia, said the Organization that rose from the ashes of the Second World War is the foundation of today’s rules‑based international order.  Latvia was able to join the United Nations only in 1991, after gaining independence.  Since then, it has been a staunch advocate of international law, human rights, democracy and effective multilateralism.  A modern European nation, with a desire to contribute to international peace, Latvia is a candidate for a 2025 seat on the Security Council.  Working methods must be adjusted and discussions must continue on United Nations reforms, including in the Council, so that a more effective United Nations can deliver on the ground.  In Latvia, this anniversary will be marked by public events during “UN Month”, with a focus on the meaningful involvement of young people.  Children will learn how the United Nations works and why multilateralism matters.  “We must empower young people,” he asserted, as they will have to live with the consequences of collective action, or inaction.