His Excellency Taneti Maamau

Statement Summary

TE BERETITENTI TANETI MAAMAU, President of Kiribati, reaffirmed his country’s collective commitment to multilateralism and noted that since joining the United Nations family in 1999, its partnership with the Organization continues to evolve.  Unprecedented challenges such as climate change and the recent COVID‑19 pandemic require an effective and timely response.  His Government continues to advocate for its “Vision for 20 Years Plan”, which is built on four pillars:  the development of natural, human and cultural capital; the development of a peaceful and corruption-free society premised on traditional values, the principles of democracy and the rule of law; improving connectivity and accessibility; and increasing access to utilities and social infrastructure.  This is the future that his country wants, and it needs a United Nations that is cognizant of these priorities and works to make development happen through its agencies, programmes and multilateral systems in a timely manner.