His Excellency Abiy Ahmed

Statement Summary

ABIY AHMED ALI, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, said that the United Nations needs to evolve and adapt with the new global realities to ensure that it is fit for purpose.  At a time when the world needs global leadership and collective action to tackle complex challenges, the ongoing standoff in the Security Council is undermining its credibility.  Such an impasse further supports the need for Council reform, and the historic injustice against Africa must also be addressed through adequate representation.  Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals has also been slowed by COVID‑19, which has overwhelmed health systems across the world and challenged the global economy.  The burden on African countries as a result is undeniable.  That is why Africa needs a stimulus package in the form of capital mobilization, debt relief or restructuring, or support for social sectors, he said, encouraging Group of Twenty (G20) countries to provide an effective economic stimulus package.  Ethiopia is fully committed to the United Nations transformative agenda of ensuring sustainable development for all and has responded to the call for climate action through the country’s Green Legacy Initiative.