His Excellency Xi Jinping

Statement Summary

XI JINPING, President of China, said that, 75 years ago, the international community had made tremendous sacrifices to win an important victory against fascism.  Since then, the Organization has withstood one test after another and emerged with renewed vigor, he said.  But the sudden attack of COVID‑19 is a test for the entire world and in the face of such new realities, it is time to reflect on what kind of United Nations the world now needed.  “What role did the Organization have in the post‑COVID world?” he asked.  Stressing the need to share the fruits of development, he said that the representation of all developing countries must be increased so that the Organization can reflect the views of the majority of the world’s countries.  China will continue to be a true follower of multilateralism and uphold the United Nations‑centred international system.