His Excellency Justin Trudeau

Statement Summary

JUSTIN TRUDEAU, Prime Minister of Canada, said this virtual commemoration of the seventy‑fifth anniversary highlights “we are a world in crisis.”  The crisis is not just because of COVID‑19 “but because of the last few decades.”  Climate change, violent extremism and rising numbers of displaced people and migrants mean the system no longer works as well as it should.  More than ever, he said the international community must redouble efforts to defend a range of common principles and ideals.  The United Nations offers a global safety net for the most vulnerable people in the world and has also shone a light on modern slavery and child soldiers.  However, he stated the Organization’s ability to act depends on the political will of Member States.  “Challenges are also opportunities,” he said, but the response to the legacy of this pandemic must not be deepened inequality or isolationism.  “In fact, we have to double down on our efforts,” he emphasized.