Mission 1.5

Mission 1.5 aims to give 20 million people around the world the opportunity to have their say on ways to limit climate change that they want to see adopted by government leaders. Play and vote!

urban landscape illustration

It’s 2050 and 68 percent of the earth’s population—6.5 billion people—are urban. Well-managed cities are offering millions more people boundless cultural, social and economic opportunities. These are healthy, vibrant and equitable societies which have left no-one behind. And this was how one of them did it.

A panoramic view of migratory birds in flight at the Hubei wetlands.

Preserving the "Earth's Kidneys"

Processing cocoa beans

How blockchain has transformed the lives of Ecuadorean cocoa farmers

An aerial shot of a small island which looks to be in a precarious situation with the water coming inland.

Like plastic, Concrete Must Give Way to Development Solutions Based on Nature

Two young boys stand at the doorway to a home. One is proudly holding a large fish, the other holds a little chick.

Lights of the Amazon

A photo with illustration touches depicting an old man bent over a large pile of garbage, picking out items.

There are more than 7.5 billion people on earth and we use 1.5 times more resources than we have. There will be 9.7 billion by 2050; we'll need 3 planters to sustain our lifestyles. We don't have 3 planets. A radical re-thinking is required.

UNDP Eurasia brings you the story of Zahra, an Afghan young woman who went to Kazakhstan in order to study English and obtain a master's degree in Statistics.

A girl strokes a fawn on a guesthouse property.

The Balkans: an Epic Trail Comes to Life

An areal view of the floating gardens of Lake Inle.

Inle Lake: Nature and Livelihoods

Safa, a young woman with a disability, looks at her reflection in a mirror with pride.

Building Social Bonds, Improving Lives

urban roof with solar panels

World leaders called for a decade of action to deliver the SDGs by 2030 and announced more than 100 ‘accelerated actions’—voluntary undertakings to speed up progress. Who’s doing what?

By the time you're 18, the internet has collected 70,000 data points from you. Privacy of young people in the digital space is also a human right.

Spectacular areal view of a bridge.

Climate Finance Can Help Manage Risk in Bosnia and Herzegovina

recycling plastic bottle

Whether you are planning an end of the year celebration for your organization or a get-together with friends, you can make your event better for the planet. Here are some ideas of how to make your holiday gatherings greener.