Photo of Dmitry Kuzuk going over a curb in his wheelchair.

Going the Distance: A Disability Rights Activist Races Towards Equality

young people interacting with their peers

In recognition of young people as positive agents of change, UNDP launched the 16 x 16 Initiative in 2019. The initiative spotlights and accompanies 16 young leaders, who bring to the forefront the major issues in their communities, countries and advance SDG Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


The overarching aim of the Paris Agreement is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that global temperatures don’t rise more than 2C above pre-industrial levels this century, and ultimately pursue a scenario where temperature rise remains below 1.5C. NDC stands for a Nationally Determined Contribution. For the Paris Agreement goals to be achieved, every country needs to play its part.

A girl stands proud at a doorway and a colorful curtain flutters behind her as the sun shines on her face.

Bridging the HIV Divide

A closeup shot of a Spoon-billed Sandpiper (critically endangered bird) as it drinks water. Also seen is a clear reflection of the bird on the water surface.

Co-operation for Co-existence

“There used to be so much fish, but things are changing.” Roza, a fisherwoman, has worked for over 20 years in the Danube river basin. In the last decade, rising temperatures and lower water levels are forcing Roza to question the changing nature of her job.

An elderly man smiles ear to ear while tending to sheep with his grandson who is hugging one as large as himself.

Caught in the Cross Fire, Armenia's Border Communities Reinvent Themselves

A grim photo of cuffed hands holding onto prison bars.

The True Cost of Discrimination

A young woman paints a mural on the wall of a bridge.

Building Bridges - Young People Bring Color to Kosovo Heritage

Masherbrum viewpoint with a red roof sheltering would-be visitors as they are afforded a brilliant view of vast waters surrounded by majestic mountains.

Building Equality on the Roof of the World

diverse faces

Our understanding of poverty has grown. We now know that is not just about being able to feed your family or pay the bills on time—it extends its reach to every aspect of a person’s life, blighting her education, health, as well as her future along with that of her children’s. Are children in school? Do families have healthcare? Do households have safe water, sanitation, and electricity? These are some of the factors that can illustrate multidimensional poverty, which looks at the different deprivations people face when they lack the essentials for a dignified and decent life.

A man stands in a canoe-like boat, paddles it forward, whilst a woman holds a steering oar in place. A bundle of long totora shoots lay across the front of the boat.

The Enchanted Places of Lake Titicaca

A girl wearing a blue Mongolian dress plays with a goat and a boy looks on in the background amidst a herd of Cashmere goats in an open field.

No more 'make, take and dispose'

Photo of Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau standing on fallen trees while he surveys the Amazon area affected by fires.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Travels to the Amazon with UNDP to Discover the Story Behind the Fires

Solar boat docked next to a mountain.

From the Moutains to the Coast, Montenegro Has a New Set of Eco-solutions