A boy plants a tree.

In Cuba, ecosystem-based adaptation is a cost-effective way to preserve and restore natural habitats and protect coastal communities. UNDP Cuba works with community volunteers.

woman holding forest products

Communities and COVID

People in protective gear approach a mother with her baby.

The pandemic presents both challenges and opportunities for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. UNDP highlights that the challenges we face cannot be dealt with in isolation.

fisherman holding large catch

Innovating for people and planet in Vanuatu

A young man handling an apiary.

Transforming food and agriculture

Woman holding up a lamp

Using South-South Cooperation to replicate nature-based solutions

aerial view of the island of Tuvalu

Tuvalu wields new data in the fight against climate change

A boy underwater picking up a shell.

The ocean and COVID-19

aerial view of terrace

Transforming food and agriculture: Creating food security while fighting climate change

aerial view of wetlands

A pandemic allows for a “what if” moment: How to champion biodiversity as the world stands still

students plant mangrove seedlings

From mangrove to mountain: Building coastal resilience in Timor-Leste

Tortoises on Desroches Islands.

A ‘blue’ economy implies some measure of alignment between economic development and the health of the ocean. UNDP helps Seychelles, consisting of about 115 islands, strike that balance.

Man handing face mask to woman sitting in the street.

UNDP’s focus on inequality and poverty makes them uniquely positioned to help countries to prepare, respond, and fully recover from the pandemic. UNDP conducts quick assessments of the social and economic blowback from COVID-19, so governments can ensure urgent recovery measures and longer-term social protection, especially for the disadvantaged and marginalized. The US$30 million Rapid Response Facility provides funds within 72 hours, and more than 83 countries have benefitted.

women in national dress displaying plants

Our solutions are in nature

Girl reads a handout.

Prepare to Win: Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness in Sri Lanka