Small mangrove trees ready to be planted


Greening the Rohingya Camps in cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

The degradation of land within and near the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, was a crisis within a crisis, but FAO has been at the forefront of planting millions of trees with help from the refugees themselves.

FAO has restored around 2200 hectares of degraded forestland in Cox’s Bazar to restore environment and reduce disaster risks for vulnerable host and refugee population. Together with Forest Division and partners, FAO is leading environmental restoration activities including soil conservation, land stabilization and watershed management.


tree cover viewed from above

COVID-19: Forests offer solutions for recovery

Ensuring forests retain their rich biodiversity and continue contributing to the health and safety of communities everywhere, can help boost recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s the view Ewald Rametsteiner, Forestry Deputy Director at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) who points out that deforestation and degradation, is one way that dangerous viruses such as Ebola, have made their way into the human population in recent decades.


couple pose in the forest

Rosewood conservation: a success story from Madagascar

Edmond is working on a rosewood conservation project coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Its aim is to safeguard a group of trees that is the world’s most trafficked wild product by value and volume.

                     Indigenous Peruvian members extract latex from the bark of a shiringa.

This is how forests are saved

In the Peruvian Amazon, a tree that stands more than 20 meters high is giving the forests a new value, the shiringa. The latex extracted from its interior offers indigenous communities new ways to make a living.

Slobodan and his family.

An epic trail comes to life in the Balkans

Slobodan Brkić lives in the beautiful village of Ziličina in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Several years ago, a Crohn’s disease diagnosis brought him to a turning point in his life and then, he found peace in nature.