60 newly hatched Olive Ridley turtles make their way to the ocean when released from Wayangani beach.


How tourism can keep coastlines clean

On the Kenyan coast, the Watamu Marine Association has developed a business model that keeps beaches clean, bringing together local communities and the tourism industry to collect, repurpose and recycle plastic waste. This small-scale circular economy has big potential and can be replicated anywhere in the world there is a coastal tourism industry, restoring coastlines and addressing the global issue of marine litter.



Wildlife trade's regulations need local communities to join

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES, highlighes the crucial importance of developing a better balance in the relationship between people and the natural world. Listen to this interview with its Secretary-General, Ivonne Higuero.


Fishing lines and nets trashed on a beach

Our oceans are haunted

UN Environment Programme and partners in North Macedonia carried out assessments on the conservation status of all amphibians and reptiles present in the country, as well as 14 vascular plants.

A row crop with young plants

Farming for life

The project, Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Seychelles, is working to reduce the vulnerability of the Seychelles to climate change. Through ecosystem-based adaptation the project is working to maintain and restore the natural functioning of watershed and coastal processes.

Mangroves on the beach leading to the sea

Pakistan restores mangroves

Who wasTahir Qureshi? Why was he an important name for mangroves in Pakistan? Get to know the father of the Mangroves and the achievement of Pakistan in an effort to restore them.