60 newly hatched Olive Ridley turtles make their way to the ocean when released from Wayangani beach.


On the Front Line - Farmers

Farmers are on the front line of the climate crisis and environmental degradation. Justin Gird and his team work in the Baviaanskloof in South Africa to restore landscapes together with farmers, while providing an additional income. A win-win-win for farmers, climate and nature.



Wildlife trade's regulations need local communities to join

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES, highlighes the crucial importance of developing a better balance in the relationship between people and the natural world. Listen to this interview with its Secretary-General, Ivonne Higuero.


Green Toad (LC), North Macedonia, 2019. Photo: Dragan Arsovski

Red Lists: Gauging The Force Of Nature In North Macedonia

UN Environment Programme and partners in North Macedonia carried out assessments on the conservation status of all amphibians and reptiles present in the country, as well as 14 vascular plants.

Technitians working in the Great Green Wall project

The World’s Biggest Ecosystem Restoration Project

The Great Green Wall is an African-led movement of epic proportions, initiated in 2007 to green the entire width of Africa, a very dry region extending from Senegal to Djibouti. The focus has since shifted to a more integrated approach, including sustainable land use, livelihood and job creation, and peacebuilding.

Green turtle, Desroches. Photo credit: Annabelle Cupidon @ICS

Outer Islands: Inner Sanctum

The Republic of Seychelles is facing a perfect storm: on one hand, government and industry increasingly see the ocean as an important source of economic growth; on the other, they are tasked with countering the existential threat the ocean faces. But this productive challenge has resulted in a success worthy of celebration.