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About the Forum


In the General Assembly resolution A/RES/73/195, Member States agreed to review the progress made at the local, national, regional and global levels in implementing the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) in the framework of the United Nations through a State-led approach and with the participation of all relevant stakeholders.


Member States further decided that:

Building cooperation and partnerships at the national, regional and global levels


The Forum

The quadrennial International Migration Review Forum (Forum) will be held at the highest possible political level, including Heads of State or Government.

It is open to the participation of all UN Member States and all members of specialized agencies that have observer status with the General Assembly.

Format details

In resolution 73/326 (“Format and organizational aspects of the international migration review forums”), the General Assembly decides that the Forum will consist of:



The four round tables will offer space for discussion covering all 23 objectives of the Global Compact with the aim of reviewing the progress made in its implementation at all levels, bearing in mind that the Global Compact is based on a set of cross-cutting and interdependent guiding principles.

Background notes

Please refer to the resources section for related background notes and documents.

GCM Objectives

All 23 objectives of the Global Compact shall be covered in the following indicative way:

Round table one

(2) Minimize adverse drivers, (5) Regular pathways, (6) Recruitment and decent work, (12) Screening and referral, and (18) Skills development and recognition

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Round table two

(4) Legal identity and documentation, (8) Save lives, (9) Counter smuggling, (10) Eradicate trafficking, (11) Manage borders, (13) Alternatives to detention, and (21) Dignified return and reintegration

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Round table three

(14) Consular protection, (15) Access to basic services, (16) Inclusion and social cohesion, (19) Migrant and diaspora contributions, (20) Remittances, and (22) Social protection

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Round table four

(1) Data, (3) Information provision, (7) Reduce vulnerabilities, (17) Eliminate discrimination and (23) International cooperation

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Policy debate

The Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), as Coordinator of the Network, will facilitate the policy debate focusing on challenges in the implementation of the Global Compact, including the links with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the capacity-building mechanism and contemporary and emerging issues related to migration.

The policy debate will also consider possible guidance for the United Nations system to strengthen its efforts in improving system-wide effectiveness and coherence and in supporting Member States in implementing the Global Compact, upon the request of Member States, based on their national policies and priorities.