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A Healthy Workforce for a Better World

What We Are Aiming to Achieve

The comprehensive UN System Workplace Mental Health and Well-being Strategy aims to:

  1. Create a workplace that enhances mental and physical health and wellbeing;
  2. Develop, deliver and evaluate high-quality psychosocial services everywhere that UN staff work;
  3. Welcome and support staff who live with mental health challenges;
  4. Ensure sustainable funding for mental health and wellbeing services.

The strategy was developed by a collaborative multidisciplinary, multi-agency working group in response to the findings of the UN Mental Health and Wellbeing survey (2015) that identified elevated levels of symptoms consistent with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and hazardous drinking in UN personnel.

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The Mental Health Strategy is not a solution for all UN workplace issues and challenges. It should not and does not stand alone. It works in collaboration with many of the other strategies being implemented at a System-wide level. Doing our work well requires all of us to give the best of ourselves, while taking the best care we can of our colleagues, our families, the Organization, and ourselves.

This website is for all UN personnel as we are committed to increasing the effectiveness of the United Nations by optimizing the mental health and well-being of its staff. We are aiming for a workplace culture that enhances the mental health of all staff and supports those that experience poor mental health.

UN personnel may access an internal UN Staff/Stress Counsellor, who are in or covering our work locations. These Counsellors are Mental Health professionals who work for the organization to offer confidential support to UN personnel as needed.

Workplace Mental Health and Well-being - Lead and Learn Programme

See the Secretary General message on the launch of the Lead and Learn programme encouraging all leaders and managers to access this resource and take part in the training, ‘Together, let’s take care of one another.’

Leaders and managers play an essential role in ensuring that the UN System supports good mental health. This includes creating a positive work environment and supporting personnel who are experiencing a mental health condition.

The Programme consists of 4 topics related to mental health and well-being structured in 4 Modules:

Module 1: Mental health and well-being in the workplace

Module 2: Personal well-being and thriving as a manager

Module 3: Supporting a colleague experiencing poor mental health

Module 4: Addressing stigma related to mental health problems

How do I join the Programme?

The Workplace Mental Health and Well-being - Lead and Learn Programme is available on the UNSSC Blue Line platform. Sign up.

For more information see Lead and Learn | Trello.

United Nations Secretary-General

"Let us all be part of a healthier workforce as we work for a better world for all.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Ways to protect our mental health in the workplace.

The effects that racial discrimination has on mental health and well-being, how to combat the racial discrimination.

Practical tips to support personnel when they experience a mental health condition, encouraging reach out early for help and reducing stigma.