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Preparations for the 2010 DCF

The first DCF held in 2008 went a long way in establishing the Forum as the focal point within the UN system and as a principal forum for global dialogue and policy review on the effectiveness and coherence of international development cooperation. This role was reflected in the outcome documents of the Accra High-level Forum on Aid Effectiveness and of the Doha Review Conference on Financing for Development.

The DCF also established itself as a forum for independent analysis, high-level and balanced participation of key actors, and clear representation of multi-stakeholder positions.

The objective of the 2010 DCF was to produce agreement on priority issues for action that are based on practical outcomes. In the current financial crisis and the concomitant implications for the global aid architecture, the work of the DCF has taken on greater urgency.

In phase II (2009-2010), the DCF focused on a series of inter-related/mutually reinforcing activities to promote national development and the achievement of MDGs in three areas: (i) mutual accountability and aid transparency; (ii) South-South and triangular cooperation; and (iii) aid policy coherence with a view to moving from aid to more long-term sources of development financing. A special focus was given to issues of quality and impact of aid in the area of gender equality and the empowerment of women. The DCF will continue to give strong attention to the review of trends in development cooperation.

Preparatory activities for the DCF included a series of independent and comprehensive analytical studies which aimed to produce sound practical results and policy recommendations in key areas of development cooperation. The studies served as critical materials for a series of high level symposia and other meetings, which are designed to facilitate a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder dialogue process..