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Development Cooperation Forum

International Development Cooperation

ECOSOC Chamber

The biennial high-level Development Cooperation Forum reviews trends in international development cooperation, promotes greater coherence among the development activities of different development partners and helps to promote policy integration and to strengthen the normative and operational link in the work of the United Nations. Its mandate originates from the 2005 World Summit. The Forum is a key function of the Economic and Social Council. Office of ECOSOC in The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs serves as the secretariat of the Forum.

The Forum gives voice to a wide range of stakeholders, including developing and developed countries as well as civil society, parliamentarians, audit institutions, local and regional governments, philanthropic organizations and the private sector. It encourages participatory multi-stakeholder dialogue on major development cooperation issues.

The Forum has an extensive two-year preparatory process, including high-level symposiums organized by UNDESA/OESC in partnership with member States. Additionally, thematic and stakeholder dialogues and meetings on South-South Cooperation are carried out.

Since its inception in 2007, the Forum has become an authoritative source of analytical work and data on trends and progress in development cooperation and the roles of different actors.

The 2014 Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) took place on Thursday, 10 July and Friday, 11 July 2014 at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Read more.

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