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The 2009 thematic debate focused on “Current global and national trends and their impact on social development, including health”. In addition to the plenary debate, two parallel roundtable dialogues took place on various aspects of the theme.

Panel 1: “Social trends and emerging challenges and their impact on public health: Renewing our commitment to the vulnerable in a time of crisis”, 9 July 2009, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (Summary)

The roundtable focused on the effects of recent macroeconomic trends on employment, social cohesion, on public spending in social areas and on malnutrition and health challenges.  With regard to longer-term demographic trends, the dialogue addressed the issues of changing age structure, urbanization and migration and their impact on public health.

Panel 2: “Trends in aid and aid effectiveness in the health sector”, 9 July 2009, 3:00-5:35 pm (Summary)

The roundtable focused on the recent trends in aid to the health sector, the effects of recent financial crisis on the emerging aid architecture in the sector and how aid coordination mechanisms, including the Paris Declaration, can have a positive impact on health outcomes for the poorest and most vulnerable.

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