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United Nations E-Government Survey 2014

E-government—digital interactions between governments and people—varies greatly among and within regions, but most countries are making progress on providing greater access, according to the 2014 UN E-Government Survey launched today. The findings show that the Republic of Korea tops the global e-government ranking, and that Europe remains first among regions.

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United Nations E-Government Survey 2012: E-Government for the People

United Nations E-Government Survey 2012: E-Government for the People

“The increasing role of e-government in promoting inclusive and participatory development has gone hand-in-hand with the growing demands for transparency and accountability in all regions of the world,” said Sha Zukang, UN DESA Under-Secretary-General in the newly released United Nations E-government Survey 2012. Read more


2010 United Nations e-Government Survey


The 2010 United Nations e-Government Survey: Leveraging e-government at a time of financial and economic crisis was completed in December 2009 and launched in early 2010. The report presented various roles for e-government in addressing the ongoing world financial and economic crisis. The public trust that is gained through transparency can be further enhanced through the free sharing of government data based on open standards. Read more


Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict


The “Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict” report argues that setting-up a functional government should be the major priority as a region or country emerges from hostilities. The report said that “no progress can be made in promoting peace, development and protection of human rights unless appropriate governance and public administration institutions are established”. Read more


World Public Sector Report 2008: People Matter


The World Public Sector Report aims to capture the emerging issues, concerns and innovations in governance and public administration. The 2008 World Public Sector Report, People Matter: Civic Engagement in Public Governance, highlights the importance of civic engagement in public governance and, by profiling several case studies, demonstrates how such practices gain… Read more