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Title Date Category Video
Frontier issues: Artificial intelligence and development 2017-10-09 Economic Analysis and Policy
2017: A Year in ECOSOC 2017-07-27 Intergovernmental Coordination
The UN Least Developed Country category 2017-07-13 Economic Analysis and Policy
70 Years of World Economic and Social Survey 2017-07-13 Economic Analysis and Policy
High-Level Political Forum: Reviewing SDG progress 2017-06-30 Sustainable Development
Beginning a second decade to advance the rights of persons with disabilities 2017-05-31 Social Development
Turning the tide to #SaveOurOcean 2017-05-31 Sustainable Development
ECOSOC Integration Segment: Making eradication of poverty an integral objective of all policies 2017-04-28 Intergovernmental Coordination
Forest-based solutions to improve people’s lives 2017-04-28 Forest
Global solutions to global challenges: ECOSOC Partnership Forum 2017-03-31 Intergovernmental Coordination
Changing population age structures and sustainable development 2017-03-31 Population
Committee for Development Policy 2017-03-21 Economic Analysis and Policy
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: a conversation with experts 2017-02-28 Social Development
Better data, better lives: Celebrating 70 years of global statistical cooperation 2017-02-28 Statistics
ECOSOC Youth Forum: Working together to make sustainable development a reality 2017-02-15 Intergovernmental Coordination, Sustainable Development
ECOSOC Youth Forum: SDG MEDIA ZONE Highlights 2017-02-15 Intergovernmental Coordination, Sustainable Development
2017 ECOSOC Youth Forum 2017-01-26 Intergovernmental Coordination
WESP 2017 -- Economic recovery continues 2017-01-17 Economic Analysis and Policy
UN World Data Forum -- innovation and partnerships for better data 2016-12-30 Statistics
UN DESA looks ahead at 2017 2016-12-30
Sustainable transport on the agenda for global conference 2016-11-01 Sustainable Development
How can climate change resilience bring opportunities to reduce inequalities? 2016-10-25 Economic Analysis and Policy
Thomas Friedman's keynote address at the United Nations 2016-10-14 Intergovernmental Coordination
UN World Data Forum 2016-09-30 Statistics
UN DESA Voice: Happy Birthday, SDGs 2016-09-30 Sustainable Development
In their words - Refugees and migrants 2016-09-30 Population
UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants unifies nations on human mobility 2016-09-23 Population
A world on the move: Refugees and Migrants 2016-08-31 Population
2016 ECOSOC Development Cooperation Forum 2016-08-31 Intergovernmental Coordination
Putting the spotlight on SDG implementation at HLPF 2016 2016-08-16 Sustainable Development