The Winter Term Registration period for various language and communication courses is still open! This includes:

LMS-2677 Exploring the United Nations

  • Enhance your vocabulary, reading & writing skills
  • Learn about the origins and early days of the United Nations
  • Get to know more about peace operations
  • Explore the libraries and resources from the UN photo archives

LMS-2478 Redacción Eficaz: Creación de textos-GLOBAL

  • Enhance your writing skills in Spanish for UN-specific texts
  • Discover useful strategies for effective writing
  • Get to know available resources

Please read our brochures for course dates and to review a variety of other webinars/short courses such as:

  • LMS-6168 E-mail Etiquette
  • LMS-6753 Techniques for Concise Writing
  • LMS-6662 Techniques for Clear Writing
  • LMS-6660 Social Media at the United Nations
  • LMS-6925 Cross-cultural Communication
  • LMS-6924 Strategic Communication
  • LMS-6758 Intensive Summary Writing
  • LMS-3374 Cómo usar el español de forma inclusiva en cuanto al género
  • LMS-6394 Gender-Inclusive Language Guidelines for English

Come and grab your seat!

Remember to check your eligibility and then enroll via Inspira or eLearning following the registration instructions.

The next registration period for all language and communication courses opens 1 March 2022. Mark your calendar!

Thank you!

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