"Table Talks” : Youth Community Calls

When you have more than you need, build a longer table


Launching 25 March

10- 11 am EDT

Organized in collaboration with the Depatment of Global Communications, Civil Society Unit, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Kitchen Connection "Table Talks" are virtual meetings of an informal, year-round community for young people either already involved in, or who want to get involved in, food systems action.They will connect Foodies everywhere for a better food future by introducing UN, NGO, and food related-organizations to new audiences, offering an unrecorded space for networking and "no silly questions" conversation, host "challenges" like book clubs and recipe sharing, and provide action items for participants to take "from the screen to their street."

Who's at the table?

Table Talks will begin with a core membership of established food systems and sustainability youth groups, but expand organically to new audiences.

Table Talks hopes to reach individuals everywhere, who may not be familiar with UN fora or youth activist groups. For example, a social media user could stumble across a post sharing attention-grabbing food systems information, visit that profile and see that the content creator attends these calls, and then register for the call themselves.

What's on the menu?

Conversations will be structured a follows:

15 Minutes: Appetizer - A casual moment around coffee/tea/etc. where participants can mingle, share updates, and welcome new participants

35 Minutes: 1st Course - Conversation around a specific topic that we have identified as an action area (i.e. pros and cons of globalization of food systems, challenges farmers face to sell their crops locally versus exporting, or which population groups do not engage with food systems action, and how can we reach them?) 

5 Minutes: 2nd Course -  A short presentation by a visiting expert, advocate, or organization that could support youth action in the food system

5 Minutes: Dessert - A review of action items and dissemination of links to resources, including introducing the hosts of the next community calls.