Released: 2018

Country: Germany/Italy

Director: Armin Linke

Producers: Commissioned by TBA21–Academy in collaboration with CNR-ISMAR Marine Science Institute


Photographer and filmmaker Armin Linke filmed at United Nations Headquarters during the Ocean Conference, 5-9 June 2017, for a video installation entitled Prospecting Ocean, which opened in May 2018 at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

Drawing upon rare footage of the deep-sea and interviews with leading scientists, policymakers, and experts, Prospecting Ocean explores the contemporary challenges facing the oceans, and grapples with the tension between ecological protection and political and economic exploitation. The installation marks the culmination of a three-year research project and includes rarely seen images of the ocean floor — captured by remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) at a depth of up to 5,000 meters – which are juxtaposed with the machinery used to extract resources such as deep-sea minerals.

In addition to filming the proceedings of the Ocean Conference, Mr. Linke interviewed experts and other delegates in attendance for the video installation.

CCOI's Role:

CCOI reviewed and secured approval of the request to film at United Nations Headquarters, in addition to arranging media accreditation for Mr. Linke and his team. The CCOI team coordinated all logistical arrangements during the week of filming.

UN Locations: 

Visitors' Lobby, various Ocean Conference venues 

Related UN Issues:

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Sustainable Development Goal #14 – Life Below Water

News Coverage:

[Artnet News] Philanthropist to Inaugurate ‘Oceans Pavilion' in Venice