UN 101: Roadmap to Working with the United Nations

CCOI and the Producers Guild of America (PGA) jointly launched a new series of virtual workshops for the creative community to explore possibilities for collaborations that have the potential to make a positive social impact.

The first workshop of the series was kicked off on 22 August and provided a “how to” roadmap for content creators to engage with and utilize the resources of the UN for productions that feature issues on the UN agenda or the UN itself. 



☚ UN and PGA experts speaking at the UN 101 virtual workshop. 


The Pitch: UN Stories

Sophia Kianni is an 18-year-old climate and environmental activist from the United States
The Pitch: UN Stories

Turning "apathetic people into climate activists"; a young person’s view

Sophia Kianni, an 18-year-old environmental campaigner, tells UN News how she wants to “turn apathetic people into climate activists”. Originally from Iran, Sophia is one of seven young people from across the world who have been selected to participate in the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change. She recently launched her nonprofit organization, Climate Cardinals, which has by now over 5,000 volunteers translating climate information into more than 100 languages and dialects. ☛ Read Full Story on UN News.